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Building A Patrol Site

Using this page you will tell me how you want you website built. Please ignore the confirmation form after you hit the "submit" button. Construction will begin the meeting after you send this information.


What Is Your Patrol Name?

What is Your Patrol Leader's Name?

Do You Have a Troop Guide? Yes No

If "yes" what is his name?

What is your Assistant Patrol Leader's Name?

What do you want the heading of your site to say?

Do you wish to have a patrol patch on your site? Yes No

What kind of information do you wish to have on your site? Mission Syllabus Other

If you chose "other" please specify what you wish to have printed on your site...

If you chose "Mission" what is your mission?

If you chose "Syllabus" what do you want printed on the syllabus?

Is there anything else you wish to put on your patrol site? If so please specify.


Please rate the TROOP Website!

One Star

Two Star

Three Star

Four Star

Five Star

Do you have any suggestions? Please tell me!

Thanks for filling out ALL this information. Please hit "submit" after reading this whole paragraph . You will  get a lot of weird information when you do this but ignore it anyway! If you wanted to put a patrol patch on your website please bring it to the next troop meeting and give it to me!


Webmaster Carl K.