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Welcome to one of the newest features on the Troop 148 web page. On this page, you will find the Patrol Leader's Council minutes for last month, and eventually I hope to have an archive of all the PLC minutes.


PLC May 30, 2000

Patrol Leader Reports
Bats - Overall doing good; Attendance is good; Had a few dropouts; No concerns
Dancing Bears - Overall doing good; Attendance is up from last month; No concerns
Scorpions - Overall doing good; No advancement; Attendance is good; No concerns

Patrol Leader Review
Carl K. - Good
Brian S. - Good
Matt H. - Good
Adam S. (SPL) - Good
Griffin V.M. (ASPL) - Good

Support Reports
Scribe - No concerns; Notify Mr. S. on how many scouts can participate in honor camp; Put dues on web site
Quartermaster - Doing good; Need to check tents for leakage, tearing, etc.
Historian - Need to see camp out reports; needs to perform other job requirements
Librarian - Good; Need to attend more meetings
Chaplains Aide - Not needed yet; Need to have sermon ready for rock climbing trip
Den Chief - Not Applicable

Review Last Month
Theme - Cinematography
Was presented good; Next time need to have more instruction and have patrols write scripts on own time

Meetings - Movies
See above

Activities - Beaver Festival
Not a good camping trip; Not scout-like; Might want to not attend next year

This Month Planning - Theme: Fitness - ALL MEETINGS ON WEDNESDAY - Program: Bats - Ceremony: Scorpions - Game: Dancing Bears
(Board of Review)
Program will be presented by Mr. V.M.
Game is To Be Decided (TBD)
Ceremony is TBD also

Program will be presented by Mr. V.M.
Game is TBD
Ceremony is Flag Raising


6/2-6/4 Rock Climbing
Leaving at 5:00 PM; Eat dinner before coming
Returning at 12:00 PM; We will not have eaten lunch

6/25 Road Cleanup Before We Leave for Camp
6/25-7/1 Summer Camp
Leaving at 9:30 AM; Bring a bag lunch

Month of July
7/21 Pool Party

Miscellaneous Notes
Last day of the Fitness Merit Badge will be at Summer Camp
We will be erecting a flag pole so we can teach the younger scouts how to raise a flag (Andy R. will be teaching flag raising)
$$ for Rock Climbing - Matt H.
Carl - Master of Ceremonies for Court of Honor

This page is by Andy R. -- Troop Scribe -- This page was last updated July 9, 2000

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