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Troop 148's Rock Climbing Trip

Adam S.

See this? This is just one of many rocks that climbed over the May 2nd-3rd weekend.  We drove up to Crowder's Mountain Friday night were we spent the night in a private park. That night we learned how to belay, climb, and anchor. We went to sleep that night just to wake up to the most adventurous part of the trip. After a long breakfast, we caravanned up to the parking lot of the Crowder's Mountain hiking trail. We hiked to the top of the mountain where we found a nice little section to climb. The first person to climb a rock out of the whole troop was our Senior Patrol Leader. He is pictured above climbing his first rock. Our rock climbing guide gave us a challenge. That challenge was to earn the rock climbing merit badge. In order to earn the rock climbing merit badge you needed to complete three belays, three climbs, three repels, three fireman belays, and three anchors. How hard you worked for it depended on how high a rock you climbed or what not.


Barrett G.

Pictured above is Barrett G. climbing up a rock. It was tough work for some of the new scouts, but they pulled it off well! The weekend held a lot of fears for the new scouts such as jumping off the top of a mountain. However, almost all of the new scouts handled it well. One scout learned a lesson: wearing long pants on a rock climbing expedition is not so cool (it might protect you from scrapes).

Timmy D.


  Once again we see another scout climbing a rock. Timmy D. happened to be the second person in the Troop to climb a rock. Well after a long exciting day we returned to our camp where supper was prepared and eaten. Then we went back under the shelter to finish up the Merit Badge. The next morning we had breakfast. The Bats patrol had a heck of a time cleaning for a whole entire hour while everybody else had fun on the swings. Then we had a short church service (compliments of Timmy). And we left just to return to Charlotte!


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