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At Camp Daniel Boone

**More Pictures To Come**

**Also, the Duma signs have been added**


                     Sorry the latrine is occupied                       The latrine is open

    It was a Sunday morning when we left. Before leaving, we completed another quarterly trash pickup on Johnston-Oehler road. When we got back from the trash pickup, we prepared for a long car drive to Camp Daniel Boone. Somewhere in between the trip we ate lunch at McDonalds. Then we proceeded to Camp Daniel Boone. The first thing we did when we got there was take a group picture (featured above). Then we went on a long camp tour. Camp Daniel Boone is a big camp. In the middle of camp was sort of like a city. In the city there was the Health Lodge, the Mess Hall, the Quartermaster, and the Pavilion. Most of the camps events with the exception of campfires were held here in this little city. We finally broke up into two groups: llama trekkers (the people who were to complete a llama less trek) and the base camp and rock school people (the people who were staying in the main part of camp). The llama trekkers went off (I have no storyline for the rock climbers or llama trekkers since I was a base camp participant) to where every they went and all of the other people went to a campout in which we would be staying a week in: the Sioux campsite. The base campers got more then they expected instead of staying a week in platform tents were were able to sleep in Adirondacks. Over the week younger first year scouts attended "Goin Great" programs where they learned basic scout skills in the morning. In the afternoon, they tried their hand at earning Merit Badges. For the second year and higher campers we tried our hand at six Merit Badges. It was a wonderful week for all the base campers. The rock climbers also did very well Matt H. did so well he was asked to stay another four weeks as a COUNSELOR! That is no joke. All the rock climbers in Troop 148 were put on one team which was the white team. The red team was a different team which stunk big time. As far as the llama trekkers went, I just do not know. I interviewed some of the llama trekkers but none of the trekkers seemed to have a really high opinion of the trek. The rock climbers had a really high opinion of their trip accept for the fact that it rained a good part of the time which limited the amount of climbing they could do. The whole entire troop came back together Thursday night when we ate dinner in the dining hall. We left Saturday morning. That was the end of our campout.